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Caroline Langill, Shifting Polarities
Caroline Langill, Shifting Polarities

Shifting Polarities is a project by Caroline Langill which documents the production of electronic and new media works by Canadian artists between 1970 and 1990.

This publication features nearly twenty extensive interviews with some of the most important artists of that period, including Max Dean, Vera Frenkel, David Rokeby, Michael Snow, Nell Tenhaaf, Norman White, and many others. [More...]

Caroline Langill was a researcher in residence at the Daniel Langlois Foundation in 2006. Concurrently to her artistic practice, she is an Assistant Professor (Liberal Studies/Art) at the Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD) in Toronto (Canada).

DOCAM International Summit 2008
DOCAM Summit

Those who might have missed DOCAM's Fourth International Summit, which took place last October 30 and 31 in Montreal, now have the chance to view the videos of the presentations, all available on the DOCAM Research Alliance's website: Documentation and Conservation of the Media Arts Heritage. [More...]

This Summit featured the launch of Shifting Polarities by Caroline Langill, as well as that of The Giver of Names: Documentary Collection by Caitlin Jones, who undertook the project in collaboration with Lizzie Muller.

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