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New DOCAM Web site

At the Fifth DOCAM Summit (4-5 March, 2010), the Research Alliance launched its new Web site www.docam.ca, featuring the following main research results:

  • A Preservation Guide for Technology-Based Artworks;
  • A Cataloguing Guide for New Media Collections;
  • A Documentary Model adapted to media arts;
  • The DOCAM Glossaurus, a bilingual terminological tool;
  • A Technological Timeline.

The video documentation of the whole public conference, as well as pictures of the Summit, are now available online on the DOCAM Web site. [More...]

Tmema, The Manual Input Workstation
Tmema, The Manual Input Workstation
Tmema, The Manual Input Workstation (2004-2006)

The Manual Input Workstation is an interactive installation by Tmema (Golan Levin and Zachary Lieberman). Interactions take place on a combination of custom interactive software, an analog overhead projector, and a digital computer video projector. The analog and digital projectors are aligned such that their projections overlap, resulting in an unusual quality of hybridized, dynamic light.

This documentary collection was compiled by Katja Kwastek while the piece was being shown as part of the exhibition See This Sound (Lentos Kunstmuseum, Linz, Austria). [More...]

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