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February 2012
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Digital Snow: Now on the Web
Digital Snow

The DVD-Rom anarchive 2: Digital Snow was co-produced in 2002 by the Daniel Langlois Foundation and Époxy Communications. From June 2011 to January 2012, with permission from Michael Snow and Anne-Marie Duguet (anarchive), the Daniel Langlois Foundation has transposed Digital Snow to the Web:

An introduction to Digital Snow, by Elizabeth Legge

This project, Digital Snow, is what Snow calls an encyclopaedia of his work of the past six decades. It is not organized by chronology or by the many different visual and sound media in which he works, but rather by the core "principles" that motivate his explorations. It presents eighty-four key works that illustrate these disparate principles, which are not homologous, but include an array of media, techniques, entities, and properties.

Snow is alert to the specificities and possibilities of digital reproduction. In Digital Snow we are given excerpts of films and samples of work that can cue us to certain aspects of the material, while being clear that no work can be fully recreated by such reproduction. Snow has had to make careful decisions about which of his films could withstand transfer to digital media without loss of their properties. As one example: while resistant to the idea of transferring his iconic forty-five minute film Wavelength (1967) to video – since its being a film is integral to its meanings – Snow came up with a way that it could be done... [More...]

More to explore:
Michael Snow, Venetian Blind, 1970
Four works by Michael Snow are featured in the touring exhibition Traffic: Conceptual Art in Canada, 1965-1980, currently at the Leonard & Bina Ellen Art Gallery, Montreal (QC), until February 25, 2012.
Michael Snow, SSHTOORRTY, 2005
Recent Works
Michael Snow, Recent Works is the first solo show presenting the work of Snow in Austria. From February 23 to April 15, 2012 in Vienna (Austria).
Michael Snow, De La (1969-72)
Shifting Polarities
Caroline Langill's publication Shifting Polarities is a survey of Canadian electronic media art produced between 1970 and 1991.
George Legrady
George Legrady
From Analogue to Digital: Photography and Interactive Media, another CD-Rom transposed to the Web by the Daniel Langlois Foundation (2005).