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Launch of the DVD-ROM anarchive 2: Digital Snow

After spending three years developing a prototype and seeking partners and funding, we are proud to launch an electronic catalogue that brings together a wealth of information and documentation on the Canadian artist Michael Snow and all areas of his work.

A co-production by the Foundation and Époxy Communications, this DVD-ROM is put out by Les Éditions du Centre Pompidou.

Digital Snow DVD front cover
2002 projects

Descriptions and files for projects by individuals funded in 2002

Given the importance we place on making public the research and findings of the projects we fund, we invite you to consult the files describing the funded projects and the artists or groups of researchers involved. Fully illustrated with photo reproductions and audio or video excerpts from past works, the section on projects supported by the Foundation lets you explore a whole spectrum of artistic projects at the vanguard of research in science and technology, daring and relevant projects in our hypermediatized world.

Changes to the programs for organizations

Note that the Exhibition, Distribution and Performance Program for Organizations and the Program for Organizations from Emerging Regions have been suspended and are being reviewed. In December, we will announce the guidelines for the new program designed for organizations.

The program for individuals, artists or researchers remains unchanged, and the deadline for applying is still January 31, 2003.

Dr. Gerald O'Grady, the Researcher in Residence at the Foundation's Centre for Research and Documentation (CR+D), is in Montreal till January 2003

A retired academic, Dr. O'Grady contributed greatly to the early years of electronic arts by founding several departments of media studies, in particular at the State University of New York at Buffalo. The faculty at SUNY Buffalo included such eminent artists as the Vasulkas, Hollis Frampton, Paul Sharits, Tony Conrad, Peter Weibel and James Blue. During his stay in Montreal, Dr. O'Grady will help the Foundation analyze the Steina and Woody Vasulka Archives and interpret the findings in an on-line publication by the Foundation.

University professors in Montreal who are interested in inviting Dr. O'Grady to address their class (in English) can contact the Foundation.

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