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 A Multimedia Mosaic based on the Images du futur Collection

We are presenting a selection of video excerpts from the Images du futur Collection. You will be surprised to see the early stages of computer animation from the '80s. Due to the great advances in digital techniques and special effects since that time, these excerpts, which are not so far removed in time, will give you the impression that they belong to a distant past.

[To access the mosaic...]

[For more information on the Images du futur Collection...]

 Golan Levin Documentary File: Dialtones (A Telesymphony) and Messa di Voce

This month we are presenting a file on Golan Levin. Over the last few years, working in collaboration with Zachary Lieberman, this artist, composer and software developer conceived and created performances and installations that in a way answer the following question formulated by the artists: “If we could see our speech, what might it look like?” We have updated the texts and documentary material on the projects supported by the Foundation. [To access the documentary file on Golan Levin...]

 Devices of Design: a collaboration between the Daniel Langlois Foundation and the CCA

Devices of Design will take place at the Canadian Centre for Architecture in Montreal on November 18, 2004. This colloquium/workshop will examine the growing use of digital tools in architectural design as well as in the construction and building material fields. The colloquium and a roundtable will provide the occasion to reflect on both the consequences and changes that this entails for architectural theory and practice. The pressing need to better understand questions concerning conservation and archiving, which such tools and technologies raise for research institutions, will also be addressed. [For more information or to register...]

 The User's Guide to the Search Engine is Now Available

This new user's guide enables researchers to make better use of the many resources of the Centre for Research and Documentation (CR+D) database. You can access it by clicking on the "CR+D database" icon on the right of our website's main page. This database is a unique research tool that provides a wide range of information on media, digital and electronic art. It is made up of modules that contain information specific to documents, events, individuals, organizations, works, as well as projects supported by the Daniel Langlois Foundation.

The guide provides precise instructions for each of the database's modules. It can be accessed using the icon in the tool bar situated at the top of each research block. [To access the user's guide...]

 New Acquisitions by the CR+D and Monthly Selection

As we do every month, we're publishing a bibliography of the latest acquisitions of the Foundation's Centre for Research and Documentation.

Our selection of the month is Introduction à la médiologie by Régis Debray, published by Presses Universitaires de France, 2000. [More information...]

 About the Daniel Langlois Foundation for Art, Science, and Technology

The Daniel Langlois Foundation's purpose is to further artistic and scientific knowledge by fostering the meeting of art and science in the field of technologies. The Foundation seeks to nurture a critical awareness of technology's implications for human beings and their natural and cultural environments, and to promote the exploration of aesthetics suited to evolving human environments. The Centre for Research and Documentation (CR+D) seeks to document history, artworks and practices associated with electronic and digital media arts and to make this information available to researchers in an innovative manner through data communications. []

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