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David Rokeby
David Rokeby

Ghana's Highlife Music

RIXC, the Centre for New Media Culture

Centro Bartolome de Las Casas, Amauta Project
Amauta Project


Attakalari, Nagarika

Projects in India
Projects in India

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September 14, 2007: Tenth anniversary of the Daniel Langlois Foundation
Supporting artists and organisations in Canada and abroad

 Unveiling of a new work of art by David Rokeby

The Daniel Langlois Foundation for Art, Science, and Technology is proud to commemorate its first decade by providing visibility to a cross-section of the artists it has supported since its founding.To mark this anniversary, the Foundation offers the public visiting the Ex-Centris cinema complex in Montreal an opportunity to view a new work by David Rokeby, entitled Machine for Taking Time (Boul. St-Laurent). The Canadian artist was invited to produce this new work, which was unveiled today and will be permanently displayed in the Ex-Centris Hall.

The work is the result of more than one year of video footage of the area surrounding Ex-Centris, recorded by two surveillance cameras installed on the complex's roof. The work is stored on a computer disc and transformed with Mr. Rokeby's software to recreate a seamless, single camera movement that merges the images together but in a random time sequence. In the space of a few seconds, we pass from spring to autumn or from summer to the end of winter. People and cars appear and disappear as do the leaves in the trees; the light changes in an unsettling manner. Machine for Taking Time is not only a machine to record time, it is also a reverie machine. [More...]

 Highlights of five Daniel Langlois Foundation projects
The projects assisted by the Foundation extend to the four corners of the globe. The following are just a few examples of supported initiatives that have been conducted by organisations in various regions:
  • in Ghana, the celebrated Highlife music collection of the Gramophone Records Museum and Research Centre of Ghana became a starting point for the implementation of an interactive digital directory of original recordings of contemporary Ghanian music and pop art;
  • in Riga, Latvia, the Centre for New Media Culture (RIXC) created a laboratory to support bold projects in sound art, streaming media, and events exploring media architecture;
  • in Cusco, Peru, the Amauta Project, under the aegis of the important Centro Bartolomé de Las Casas, is allowing Andean communities to develop a variety of educational, artistic and cultural media projects;
  • in Bangalore, India, the Attakalari Centre for Movement Arts, through its Nagarika Project, is digitising and preserving the principles of movement in traditional Indian dance, martial arts and yoga and allowing young choreographers to draw on this unique resource;
At home in Montreal, the Foundation has contributed to the concept and design of the Sustainable Development House, a green building that will become the headquarters of Équiterre, by financially supporting the ecological organisation with computer-aided design teams from École de technologies supérieures (ÉTS).

 10 years, 10 artists
The exhibition e-art: New Technologies and Contemporary Art pays tribute to 10 years of accomplishments by the Daniel Langlois Foundation. Featured at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts from September 20 to December 9, 2007, the exhibition presents the work of 10 Canadian and foreign artists, all supported by the Foundation, and is a co-production of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and the Daniel Langlois Foundation.

Exhibition catalogue:

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