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Images du futur 96, Montreal, Que., Canada, May 17-September 2, 1996. — Organisation : Cité des Arts et des Nouvelles Technologies de Montréal, Montreal. — Catalogue.

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- Images du Futur,

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- Mary Alton (Exhibitor)
- Gregory Tarkis Barsamian (Exhibitor)
- Emmanuel Carlier (Exhibitor)
- Gregory Patrick Garvey (Exhibitor)
- Catherine Ikam (Exhibitor)
- Troy Innocent (Exhibitor)
- Jon McCormack (Exhibitor)
- Mit Mitropoulos (Exhibitor)
- Earl Reiback (Exhibitor)
- Kenneth E. Rinaldo (Exhibitor)
- Jill Scott (Exhibitor)
- Pierrick Sorin (Exhibitor)
- Joan Truckenbrod (Exhibitor)
- Sally Weber (Exhibitor)