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Group exhibition

Evidence of the avant garde since 1957 : selected works from the collection of Art Metropole including audio tapes, records, videotapes, film, multiples, kitsch, manuscripts, stamps, buttons, flyers, posters, correspondence, catalogues, porn, t-shirts, postcards, drawings, poems, mailers, books, photographs and ephemera, Art Metropole, Toronto, Ont., Canada, November 17-December 8, 1984. — Catalogue.

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- Vito Acconci (Exhibitor)
- Joseph Beuys (Exhibitor)
- James Lee Byars (Exhibitor)
- John Cage (Exhibitor)
- Constance De Jong (Exhibitor)
- Hervé Fischer (Exhibitor)
- General Idea (Exhibitor)
- Dan Graham (Exhibitor)
- Jenny Holzer (Exhibitor)
- Les Levine (Exhibitor)
- Sol LeWitt (Exhibitor)
- Antoni Muntadas (Exhibitor)
- Bruce Nauman (Exhibitor)
- Dennis Oppenheim (Exhibitor)
- Nam June Paik (Exhibitor)
- Martha Rosler (Exhibitor)
- Dieter Roth (Exhibitor)
- Carolee Schneemann (Exhibitor)
- Tom Sherman (Exhibitor)
- Michael Snow (Exhibitor)
- Stelarc (Exhibitor)

- Art AND Video
- Audio Art
- Video AND Art
- Drawing
- Painting
- Photography
- Poetry