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César Franchisena (Argentina)

César Franchisena (born in General Pinedo, Chaco, 1923; died in Córdoba, 1992) was a major influence on the contemporary music scene of Córdoba for several decades.

Franchisena started to experiment with electroacoustic medias in Córdoba during the 50s. He was working in 1959 at Radio Universidad to produce some electronic studios and composed "Numancia" in 1960 at the Acoustic and Lighting Engineering Research Center (CIAL = Centro de Investigaciones Acústicas y Luminotécnicas) of the National University of Córdoba (Universidad Nacional de Córdoba).

Among other pieces he composed: "Intermezzo (Divertimento)" for tape, between 1973 and 1974; "Tres momentos mágicos" for tape, in 1973, realized at CICMAT in Buenos Aires; "Tríptico espacial" for oboe, synthesizer and percussion, in 1981; "Configuraciones" for synthesizer and piano, between 1982 and 1983; "El Ucumar" for tape, in 1985; "Horeb (Montaña de Dios)" for tape, in 1986; "Dúo" for flute and computer in 1987; "Canticum" for computer, in 1988; "Fulguraciones" for computer, between 1989 and 1990.

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