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Enrique Gerardi (Argentina)

Enrique Gerardi (born in Buenos Aires, 1926) is a composer, conductor, researcher and professor with extended activities in different experimental musical fields. Gerardi was professor of Musical Acoustics and History of Music at the Catholic University of Argentina, professor of Technical Elements of Music at the Gilardo Gilardi Musical Conservatory of La Plata, and professor of Musical Acoustic Foundations at the National University of La Plata.

After composing in 1967 "Música de Escena", a concrète piece for theater, and "Divertimento" for tape; "Figura-Fondo", aleatoric piece for electric guitar, piano, percussion, tape and painter in 1968; and "Sobre Texturas y Gestos" for two flutes, two cellos, piano, tape and improvisation group in 1970; he has been composing with electroacoustic medias pieces like: "El Tercer Canto 1970" for instrumental ensemble, tape and improvisation group in 1970; "Solo en Presente", concrète music for dance in 1971; and "Las Nubes", concrète music on tape in 1973. In 1999 he composed "Primera Improvisación", an algorithmic piece produced using the M software.

Gerardi was also working extensively on his digital orchestra compositions; some of them are: "Octeto" from 1986; "Danza 1", "Placas", "Dudas", "Pentaton", "Tetraton", "12 por 8", "Casirock", "Oncenas" and "Balanceo" from 1987; "Obertura I", "VI Balada", "Moto", "Shimmy", "Intermezzo", "Virtuoso", "Elegía", " Warm Music", "Danza 2", "Andante", "10 por 8", "Preludio", "Raro", "Mas Raro" ,"Largo" and "Rápido" from 1988; "Danzas", "Música entre Músicas", "Obertura II" and "En secreto" from 1989; "Lejanía" from 1990; "Combinatorias 2", original for piano from 1985, version for digital piano from 1990; and "Música entre Músicas/2" from 1995.

Gerardi also made translations from English or French to Spansih of complete books by Joseph Schillinger, James Tenney and several other musicians and theoreticians, just to use them in his courses and classes of composition.

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