Latin American Electroacoustic Music Collection

Mario Verandi (Argentina)

Mario Verandi (born in San Nicolás, Buenos Aires, 1960) studied Computer Science at the University of Belgrano and Music at Rosario University. In 1989 he went on to study in Barcelona at the Joan Miro Foundation's Phonos Laboratory.

He is particularly interested in multimedia projects and has composed music for art installations, dance, video and theatre. His work has been broadcast, performed and recorded in Europe and the USA.

He composed "Figuras Flamencas" for tape, realized at the Electroacoustic Music Studios at Birmingham University in U.K.; "The peak that flew from afar", installation, objects and tape in 1992; "The ten thousand things" installation, objects and tape in 1994; "Web Composition" in 1995; "A Tear on the Desert", "Dancescape" and "Heartbreaker" in 1996; "Faces & Intensities" in 1997. He is living in England.

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