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Igor Lintz Maues (Brazil)

Igor Lintz Maues (born in São Paulo, 1955) studied composition, electroacoustic and computer music and musicology in São Paulo, The Hague, Utrecht and Vienna and is since 1991 lecturer at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna.

Some of his works are: "Good Mornig, You Have Been Selected", radio performance from 1976; "15015" for tape from 1981; "Estudo sobre a letra P" for electronics from 1982; "Muirte Claus (in memoriam the AIDS victims)" for voice and electronics from 1983; "P.R.E.M.E." for tape from 1986. Also "Tati" for double bass, tape and live-electronics, with Catalina Peralta; "Früher gab es keine Welt" for electronics; "Der Schädliche Raum - Klangraum III" for tape; and "Der Schädliche Raum" for choreography, video, tape and 2 instrumental groups, with A. Sodomka and M. Breindl, all of them from 1989. "Durch unsere Stadt zum Tor hinaus" for tape from 1990; "Tropical birds in the pet shop" for tape from 1991; "Jede Frau trägt einen Schrei", multimedia piece also from 1991; "Der Indianer mit dem Kassettenrecorder" for choreography and tape from 1989-1992; "Ein/In-Aus/Out" for choreography and tape from 1992, with Helmuth Reiter; "Trugklang" for viola and electronics from 1993; "Triflauto Soliloquy" for flute and UPIC from 1993; "Umformung" for 4 sound mobiles or tape from 1994; "Looking for S.R. oder die Kunst der Wirklichkeit" for tape from 1995. "Entstehung" for viola, piano and electronics, with N. Polymenakos; "Klanggesetzt" for tape; and "Senderos-Remix in Commemoration to the 80th. Anniversary of Juan Blanco", all three works from 2000.

Igor Lintz Maues wrote in 1989 a very interesting work about electroacoustic music in Brazil for his master graduation at Escola de Comunicações e Artes, Universidade de São Paulo: "Musica Eletroacustica No Brasil. Composiçao Utilizando o Meio Eletrônico (1956-1981)" (Electroacoustic Music in Brazil. Composition with Electronic Medias 1956-1981).

Lintz Maues lives in Austria.

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