Latin American Electroacoustic Music Collection

Juan Piñera (Cuba)

Juan Piñera (born in Havana, 1949) has been composing music for concert as well as works for radio, television and movies. Among other works, he composed: "Pirandelliana" for tape and two actors in 1983; "Tres de Dos" for tape in 1984, with Edesio Alejandro; "Voix des deux" also in 1984; "Del espectro nocturno" for guitar and tape in 1986; "Germinal" for tape in 1987; "Del lucero favorable" for guitar and tape, between 1987 and 1988; "Imago" for guitar and tape in 1989; "Cuando el aura es áurea o La muy triste historia de los ocho minutos con treinta y ocho segundos" for soprano sax and tape in 1991; "Pámpano y Cascabel" for guitar and tape in 1995; "La bals (En un minuto, Vals olvidado, El manubrio azul)" between 1996 and 1998; "Opus 28 No. 15, o de la gota de agua" for tape.

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