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Orlando Jacinto Garcia (Cuba)

Orlando Jacinto Garcia (born in Havana, 1954), composer, conductor and music educator, is Professor of Composition, director of Composition Programs for the School of Music at Florida International University (FIU) in Miami, and Director of Graduate Music Programs at the same institution. He also founded the original FIU Electronic Music Studio.

Among other works, García composed: "Reflejos de Modelos Repetivos" for guitar and tape, and "Retratos #1" for piano and tape, from 1989; "Improvisation with Metallic Materials" for wind synthesizer and tape, "Sitio Sin Nombre" for solo soprano and tape, "Music for Nada" for solo soprano and tape or tape only, "3 Pieces for Double Bass/Tape" for double bass and tape, and "Collage" for guitar, violin, viola and tape, from 1990; "Metallic Images" for percussion and tape, and "transparente como el cristal" for live electronics or tape, from 1991; "al borde del Avila" for mezzo-soprano, flute, oboe, harp, piano, double bass and tape, from 1992; "soy (I am)" for double bass, piano and tape from 1993; "Imagenes (sonidos) sonoros congelados" for violin and tape, "Collage 2" for 4 instruments and tape, and "como un coro de clarinetes celestiales" for tape from 1999; "como los colores del viento nocturno" for viola and tape (with wind chimes) and "Why References?" for piano and tape, from 2002.

García emigrated to the United States in 1961 and is living in Miami since then.

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