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Alba Fernanda Triana (Colombia)

Alba Fernanda Triana Orozco (born in Bogota) studied composition at the Music Department of the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana of Bogota, and at the California Institute of the Arts in the United States.

She was teaching music theory and composition at the universities Javeriana and Pedagógica in Bogota, and coordinated the Music Theory department at PNB - Ministry of Culture of Colombia. At present she is at the University of California in San Diego for her PhD studies.

Some of her pieces are: "Una Jugada de Dados Jamás Abolirá el Azar", from 1996, including piano, a percussion group, spoken voices with live electronic processing and spatialization, mounted in collaboration with Rolf Abderhalden; "A la Mesa", from 1998, interdisciplinary performance, based on "Texto de Electra" by German writer Heiner Müller, including music, movement, text and spatialization (premiered the same year in Cerro de Monserrate, Bogota); "Bedroom", in 2000, and audiovisual Internet piece; "Estudio No. 1", from 2001, for recorded electronics; "Heart Piece", also from 2001, an interdisciplinary performance based on the text "Heart Piece" by Heiner Müller, integrating music, movement, text, video and spatialization, where the music part includes recorded electroacoustic music, live sound transformations and interactive languages..

She also composed, with Luis Fernando Henao (born in 1967), "Suite Logique" for DAT tape in 1992.

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