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Renée Pietrafesa (Uruguay)

Renée Pietrafesa (born in Montevideo, 1938) is active as composer, pianist, organist and conductor.

She composed, among other works: "A los olvidados" for tape, and "Sugerencias" for soprano, guitar, piano and tape, both in 1972; "Nuestro tiempo", "X, Y y entonces Z" and "Meditación", all three pieces for tape in 1973; "Attente", "Canto para curar enfermos (En homenaje a los indios huitcholes)", "Con pies y sin cabeza" and "Danza de los pájaros pintados y asombrados", all four tape pieces in 1974; "Helicoidal", "París no" and "Viaje de Quetzalcóatl a Mitlan", all three pieces for tape in 1975; "Musique flasch", "París evasión", "París l'autre", "Tamboriles" and "Cuatro estructuras para cinta magnética", all pieces for tape, in 1976; "Altos de cobre", "Cosas chichimecas", "En el zoo", "Estructuras I", "Estructuras II", "Estructuras III", "Estructuras IV" and "Tango y texto", all eight tape pieces in 1977; "Estudios para piano preparado y cinta magnética", for prepared piano and tape, also in 1977; "Contemplación y sueño" for piano and synthesizer, "De l'ortogonal à la courbe" for tape, "Existamos aquí" for piano, tape recorder and audience, and "Naissance dans la caverne solaire", all four pieces in 1978; "Crucifixión, o bebederos de palomas" for tape in 1979; "Prometeo" for dancers, slides and tape, "Fantasías para cinta magnética" for tape, and "Canto" for oboe and tape, all three in 1980; "Mushuc Huaira Huacamujum" between 1981 and 1982; "Integración 7 (religiosa o del más acá)" for voice, 4 performers and tape in 1984, tape part realized at the composer' studio; and "Beauté magique" for soprano, flute, oboe, clarinet, French horn, sax, trumpet, trombone, 2 violins, cello, double bass, tympanis, gong, tape and synthesizer in 1989, based on the text 18 ("Découverte de l'Inconnu") from "Cantos de Maldoror" by Isidore Ducasse, Conde de Lautréamont.

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