Latin American Electroacoustic Music Collection

Javier Alvarez, Edge Dance, 1985

Recording time: 4 min 01 s.
Instruments: Electroacoustic sounds

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About this composition:

In August 1987, Ian Dearden and I were invited by Brain Hodgson to compose a short piece at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. The brief was to come up with a short piece only using the sounds and material already existing in Liz Parker's studio, and within the short period of three weeks. Edge Dance is the result of this collaboration.

The piece is a rhythmic study which exploits the use of sampled drum sounds and their combination with "presets" or factory synthesized sounds which were all controlled by a Macintosh computer. Its title refers to its lively yet ominous character.

First performance : Points of Contact, Purcell Room, SouthBank Centre, London 1988.