Latin American Electroacoustic Music Collection

Mariano Fernandez, Refugio y temblor, 1998

Recording time: 8 min 34 s.

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About this composition:

At the beginning of his path, the pilgrim leaves behind that which surrounded him. He abandons himself in his search of light like a butterfly of the night. He throws himself to fire and he is eaten by agape (the biblical burning love). But still tortured and annihilated he can not stand staying away from the flame that burns him.
This work is inspired by the following Juan Gelman's poem. It represents to me the paradigm of the pilgrim's search, his deepest hope and his certainty.

the bird lets himself go in his
flight / he wants to forget the wings
climb up from nothingness to emptiness where
he will be matter and he lays down

as light in the sun / he is
what he is not yet
same as the dream he comes from and doesn't leave / he traces
loves curve with death / he goes

from conscience to the world
he chains himself to every given chore / he extracts
pain from pain / he draws

his clear delusions
whit his eyes opened / he sings

The piece is a unique movement, composed by six brief episodes. All the sounds have been created by means of three short samples of human voices (a female, a male, and a choir).