Latin American Electroacoustic Music Collection

Beatriz Ferreyra, Petit Poucet Magazine, 1985

Recording time: 18 min 32 s.
Instruments: Electroacoustic music

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About this composition:

Commission from the G.M.E.B.

In autum 1984 I received from G.M.E.B. a commission for a piece devoted to the Year of the Youth (1985). In 1973, I had recorded little Emmanuelle Vaux, three and a half years old, in view to compose the soundtrack of Fiorella Mariani's "Homo Sapiens". At that time, I had used some sentences extracted from her narrative, leaving in suspense the whole Petit Poucet's tale. Such commission was the unique opportunity to set in music the story which Emmanuelle had a little bit "messed up" with her enthusiasm. You could find everything inside it: violence, dough, cruelty, cheating, theft, indeed a jolly good range of adults world that she did passionately spit out. The initial symbolism of the tale had been turned into a TV series, some very contemporary and journalistic new items, in short into a Petit Poucet Magazine on request.