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Machine for Taking Time: Documentary Collection

Links and Resources

David Rokeby in the Langlois Foundation CR+D:
- Documents and links about David Rokeby
- Documents and links about Machine for Taking Time
- Documents and links about Machine for Taking Time (Boul. Saint-Laurent)

Machine for Taking Time in David Rokeby's web site:
- (Oakville)
- (Montreal)

List of exhibitions:
- "Earthly Delights / Deep Gardening", Oakville Galleries, Oakville, Ontario, March 28, 2001-March 28, 2002.
- "David Rokeby", Oakville Galleries, Oakville, Ontario, June 25-October 17, 2004.
- "David Rokeby: Time and Place", Pari Nadimi Gallery, Toronto, Ontario October 19-December 31, 2005.
- "Timeless – Time, Landscape and New Media", Harbourfront Centre, Toronto, Ontario, March 24-April 30, 2006.
- "Outlook Express(ed)", Oakville Galleries, Oakville, Ontario, 29 June-26 August 2007.
- "e-art", Ex-Centris, Montreal, September 2007-April 2009 (part of the exhibition "New Technologies and Contemporary Art", Montreal Museum of Fine Arts).
- "Plots Against Time", Pari Nadimi Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, March 01-April 26, 2008
- "Out of Time", Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, New York, United States, September 24-October 17, 2008
- "The Lining of Forgetting: Internal and External Memory in Art" (traveling exhibition): Weatherspoon Art Museum, Greensboro, North Carolina, United States, February 10-May 25, 2008; Austin Museum of Art, Austin, Texas, United Sates, May 30-August 8, 2009.

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