9 Evenings: Theatre and Engineering

Biographies of participants

Per BiornPer Biorn
After completing his military service in Denmark, Per Biorn studied electrical engineering, then emigrated to the United States in 1962.
John CageJohn Cage
From 1934 to 1937, John Cage studied composition with Arnold Schoenberg in California.
Lucinda ChildsLucinda Childs
In the early 1960s, Lucinda Childs studied dance with Merce Cunningham and Robert Dunn.
Cecil H. Coker Cecil H. Coker
At Bell Labs, Cecil H. Coker focused primarily on researching articulatory speech synthesis.
Öyvind FahlströmÖyvind Fahlström
Born in São Paulo (Brazil) to Scandinavian parents, Öyvind Fahlström spent a portion of his adult life in Sweden. He moved to New York in 1961.
Ralph FlynnRalph Flynn
At Bell Labs, Ralph Flynn focused primarily on researching the amplification of electrical signals.
Alex HayAlex Hay
In his 1960’s paintings and sculptures, Alex Hay depicted the formal properties of everyday objects.
Deborah HayDeborah Hay
Along with her collaborators, she attempted to blur the line traditionally separating trained and untrained dancers.
Larry HeilosLarry Heilos
At Bell Labs, Larry Heilos focused primarily on laser research.
Peter HirschPeter Hirsch
At Bell Labs, Peter Hirsch focused primarily on researching underwater sound output and radar technologies.
Harold HodgesHarold Hodges
Harold Hodges began his career as a clockmaker. At Bell Labs, he focused mainly on laser research.
William KaminskiWilliam Kaminski
At Bell Labs, Bill Kaminski focused mainly on research into wireless radio transmission.
Robert V. KieronskiRobert V. Kieronski
At Bell Labs, Robert Kieronski focused primarily on digital information processing systems.
Billy KlüverBilly Klüver
Billy Klüver was born in 1927 to Swedish and Norwegian parents. In 1951, he earned an electrical engineering degree from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.
Jim McGeeJim McGee
At Bell Labs, Jim McGee focused mainly on research into holograms.
Steve PaxtonSteve Paxton
In the early 1960’s, Steve Paxton was a dancer with the Jose Limon company.
Yvonne RainerYvonne Rainer
After spending her childhood and adolescence in San Francisco, Yvonne Rainer moved to New York in 1956.
Robert RauschenbergRobert Rauschenberg
In 1947, Robert Rauschenberg studied at the Académie Julian, in Paris, before returning to the United States.
Robby RobinsonRobby Robinson
At Bell Labs, Robby Robinson focused primarily on researching cellular telephony.
Alfons SchillingAlfons Schilling
Alfons Schilling was born in Basel, Switzerland, in 1934. From 1956 to 1959, he studied at the Akademie für angewandte Kunst.
Herb SchneiderHerb Schneider
Herb Schneider studied in Bebek, Turkey, and in the U.S. He joined Bell Labs while still a university student.
David TudorDavid Tudor
As a child, Tudor studied the piano, and in 1942, he passed the exam to become a member of the American Guild of Organists.
Fred WaldhauerFred Waldhauer
Fred Waldhauer earned an engineering degree from Cornell University (N.Y.) and a master’s degree from Columbia (N.Y.).
Martin WazowiczMartin Wazowicz
At Bell Labs, Martin Wazowicz focused primarily on microwave research.
Robert WhitmanRobert Whitman
Between 1953 and 1957, Robert Whitman completed a degree in English literature at Rutgers (N.J.), and studied art history at Columbia (N.Y.).
Witt WittnebertWitt Wittnebert
At Bell Labs, Witt Witnebert focused mainly on research into lasers.
Dick WolffDick Wolff
At Bell Labs, Dick Wolff focused mainly on research into superconductors.