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Carlos Grätzer (Argentine)

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Carlos Grätzer (born in Buenos Aires, 1956) received his musical training from his father, composer Guillermo Graetzer (born in Austria; emigrated to Argentina in 1939), one of the main names in musical education and composition teaching during the second half of the XX century in Argentina.

For a few years Carlos Grätzer worked both in the animated films making and music field; and since 1980 he devoted exclusively to music composition. In 1984 he moved to Paris where he is living at present.

Among other works, Grätzer composed: "Nio Aeln" for tape in 1989; "Failles Fluorescentes" for alto sax and electroacoustics in 1990; "D'un souffle retrouvé" for flute and electroacoustics during 1992-1993; "Ráfagas de tiempo" in 1994, and "Ausbruch" in 1997, both pieces for tape.

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