Musique électroacoustique latino-américaine

Alejandro Iglesias-Rossi (Argentine)

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Alejandro Iglesias Rossi (born in Buenos Aires, 1960) have been composing several works using electroacoustic medias during the last years. Some of his works are: "Legüeras soledades" for sax and sampler from 1989; "Bagual oscuro" for djembé and live electronics from 1991; "Angelus" from 1996, "Ascención (Las Tierras Nuevas)" from 1998 and "Tres Epístolas" (del secreto de las alas ocultas a la luz del sol de medianoche)" from 2000, all three works for tape.

"Angelus" has been awarded the First Prize of the International Rostrum of Electroacoustic Music (Amsterdam 1996) organized by the International Music Council of the UNESCO. Iglesias Rossi wrote about this piece: "The hebrew word MALAJ, as well as the latin word ANGELUS, generally translated as "messenger", describe entities that have been one of the key concepts of biblical thinking. A mystic judeo-christian tradition has seen on those entities the laws, the numbers, the "ideas" (in the platonic sense), "masses of knowledge" that are the constitutive principles of the Universe. Even being prototypes, or protoanalogies, they are living and conscious beings that communicate with men. Taking as subject of contemplation the Vision of Prophet Ezekiel, this tradition concluded that the two key ways by which the "messengers" communicate with men are the analytic science, represented by the wheels of the "Merkabá" (the Carriage of God), and the artistic vision, symbolised by the Four Livings with faces of eagle, bull, lion and man. The biblical images on which is based this piece are Ezekiel 1, St.Luke 1, 26-28 and Apocalypse 12."

(text updated: October, 2003)

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