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Luis Rojas (Argentine)

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Luis María Rojas (born in Bolivar, 1960) is researcher, musical software developer and composer.

He received a prize in the Computer Assisted Work category from the International Institute of Electroacoustic Music of Bourges, France, for his "Texture 3.0" software. Rojas says about his development: "Texture generates musical information by stochastic means in two differents ways: the first one to be interpreted by a MIDI device, and the other one to be interpreted by TRender, a sofware synthetizer included with the package.

Rojas also developed "SMSrt" during 2001, an Xavier Serra' SMS based software.

Some of his pieces are: "Juego con Dados" for computer and string trio from 1996; "Iluminado por la duda" for tape from 1997; "La cacerola" ballet music on tape from 1998; "Dos visiones apresuradas de la misma cosa" part I, electronic music on tape from 1998; "Variaciones negras" for sopran sax and computer from 1999; "Elefante" for video and real time digital sound processing from 2000; "Música desilusionada" for soprano sax, cello, double bass, three computers and video projection, with images by Laura Rojas, from 2001; "c3seg" for string quartet and video game, from 2003.

At present he is teaching Electroacoustic Medias at the Musical Conservatory of Bahia Blanca, Argentina.

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