Musique électroacoustique latino-américaine

Pablo Loudet (Argentine)

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Pablo Loudet (born in La Plata, 1969) is Professor of the Workshop of Electroacoustic Music and Assistant Professor of Experimental Sound Practice at the Fine Arts Faculty, National University of La Plata, since 1999. He is also Professor of Computers Applied to Musical Education at Chascomús Conservatory since 2001.

Among other pieces, Loudet composed: "Estudio para cinta y guitarrra eléctrica" for electroacoustic medias and guitar in 1998; "Llanuras" and "La espera", both for electroacoustic medias, in 1999; "Germinal", for electroacoustic medias, between 2000 and 2001; and "Comeme, bebeme", electroacoustic music for dance, in 2002.

He also composed some works for digital orchestra as "Estudio para tres" and "Dos piezas" ("Baguala" and "Milonga") both in 1996; and "La estructura, for digital orchestra and improvisation group, in 1997.

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