Musique électroacoustique latino-américaine

Jesús Ortega (Cuba)

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Jesús Ortega (born in La Habana, 1935) composed, among other pieces: "Prólogo" for tape in 1970; "Picassianas I" tape in 1981; "Picassianas II" for guitar and tape in 1982; "Invocación (Por la Paz Mundial)" and "Picassianas III" both in 1985; "Fanfarria de Primavera" in 1986; "Son Mac-Plus" for computer and tape, and "David en el parque de diversiones (Suite para niños)", both in 1988; "Sax-Son" for alto sax and tape in 1991; "Impromptu" in 1992. Also, "Concertante" for Macintosh and tape; "Traigo mi son", with Juan Blanco; "Aves" for flute and tape; and "Canto a la vida" for 4 percussionists and tape, with Juan Blanco too.

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