Musique électroacoustique latino-américaine

Rafael Aponte Ledée (Porto Rico)

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Rafael Aponte Ledée (born in Guayama, 1938) was also among the composers studying and producing music at CLAEM - Instituto Di Tella, in Buenos Aires. He was there during the 1965-1966 period.

Among other works he composed: "Presagio de pájaros muertos" for actor and tape, in 1966, tape part realized at CLAEM - Instituto Di Tella; "Estravagario" for tape in 1973; "Cuídense de los ángeles que caen" for tape, and "Los huevos de Pandora", for clarinet and tape, both in 1974. In Memoriam Salvador Allende" for orchestra and tape; and "Tentativas" for violin, chamber orchestra and tape.

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