Musique électroacoustique latino-américaine

Adina Izarra (Venezuela)

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Adina Izarra (born in 1959), composer and educator, studied at the National Conservatory of Music Juan José Landaeta in Caracas, and later at York University, England, where she obtained her PhD in Composition.

She composed among other pieces: Tapices" for tape in 1985; "Merenguitos" for 2 percussionists and tape in 1987; "8ritornello8" for live synthesizers and "Vojm" for amplified vojm (female voice), both in 1988; and "Luvina" for bass flute and delay in 1992.

On "Vojm" the singer uses three microphones, one going through a delay line, another one going through a digital reverb chamber set to its maximum reverb time, and the third one to be used ad libitum just for "ambience" according to room acoustics.

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