Acknowledgments and Credits
Jean Gagnon, Executive Director, Daniel Langlois Foundation and Exhibition Curator

This exhibition would not have been possible without the collaboration of many people at the Daniel Langlois Foundation (DLF) and the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (MMFA).

I wish to sincerely thank Nathalie Bondil, Director of the MMFA, and Stéphane Aquin, the Museum's Curator of Contemporary Art, for the enthusiasm they showed for this project from the moment we first met to discuss the initiative. Their support has never wavered, despite the technical complexity of the project and its departure from the museum's customary endeavours. Their open-mindedness speaks volumes about these two individuals.

I also wish to thank Jacques Perron, who, until Spring 2006, was Program Officer at the DLF and a part of the early discussions on the project's development.

The organisation of the exhibition in all of its facets is the result of a range of contributions from both Foundation and Museum employees. At the Foundation, I was supported by a team who were, as ever, completed committed to the task. I therefore thank my Assistant, Chantale Lavoie, and the Director of our Centre for Research and Documentation (CR+D), Alain Depocas, as well as interns Véronique Grenier and Juliette Pollet for their help. I also very much appreciate the work done by our Webmaster Ludovic Carpentier, who brought his extensive knowledge to bear in the development of the exhibition's online catalogue. Two other colleagues, employees of the Ex-Centris Complex, also contributed to the project: Ming Ya Zang, IT Director, Terra Incognita, and Jonas Pierre Louis, Network Technician. And finally, I was supported by Éric Fauque, Technical Director of Ex-Centris, whose expertise was instrumental in helping us untangle the technological complexities of the exhibition.

The professionalism of the teams at the Museum was apparent in all aspects of their collaboration with us. And while I am unable to name each person individually, I wish to acknowledge the availability and enthusiasm of Sandra Gagné, Head of Exhibitions Productions; Hélène Nadeau, Head of Education and Public Programmes; Dominic Hardy, Assistant, Public Programmes; Pascal Normandin, Head of Exhibitions Management; and Francine Lavoie, Head of Publishing. I also thank Danielle Champagne, Director, Communications, and her entire team for their imagination in developing the best methods through which to promote the exhibition. I am grateful to one and all.

I am also indebted to the staff of the Université du Québec à Montréal for the technical support they provided, as well as to Michel Jebrak, Vice-Rector, Research and Creation, for his unfailing collaboration.

And finally, the stars have truly aligned this year, with the 10 year celebrations of the DLF coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the Canada Council for the Arts and the 25th anniversary of its Media Arts Section. The Canada Council for the Arts has generously contributed to this exhibition, as has the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec.

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