e-art International Symposium - September 26, 2007
An International Symposium organized by the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts in collaboration with the Daniel Langlois Foundation

How can we understand art that is being reinvented in the digital age? Today, art has gone beyond the limitations of traditional practices; it is created at the cutting edge of disciplines that not only interconnect but are continually evolving. How, then, do we position ourselves as visitors? How do we grasp the meaning of these new works of art in exhibition spaces that are themselves being utterly transformed? How do the creators of this art – who are now engineers, philosophers and computer specialists as well as artists – design a way of working that can take place equally well in a laboratory or a studio? Hear some of the artists and researchers who are presently the most involved in these questions.

© FDL 2008

Video presentation – © FDL 2007:
Jean Gagnon – Cornelius Borck
Jim Campbell – Ernestine Daubner
Olivier Asselin – Lynn Hershman
David Rokeby – Anne-Marie Duguet
Montreal Museum of Fine Arts Daniel Langlois Foundation