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Siegel, Eric. — [1973-1991]. — Set of 26 elements. — File. — The person who processed the documents established the arrangement of items. — Includes three communiques, eight letters, five technical data sheets, two advertisements, one report, two interviews, one biography, one name list including data cards assembled and photocopied, one video description, one tape list and one form.
CR+D Code number : VAS B45-C7

- Document in English
- State in the CR+D Collection : ORIGINAL
- Fonds/Collections : Vasulka
- Is part of the series Vasulka : Eigenwelt der Apparatewelt : Pioniere der Elektronischen Kunst = Pioneers of Electronic Art

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- Eric Siegel
- Steina Vasulka
- Woody Vasulka

- Instruments (Machines / Softwares)
- Television
- Video