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[In the land of the elevator girls]. — [1990-1993]. — Set of 10 elements. — File. — The person who processed the documents established the arrangement of items. — Includes two black and white photographies, two programs, one photocopie of a program part, one note to be published, two photocopies of catalogues parts, one photocopy of a periodical article, one letter.
CR+D Code number : VAS B04-C06

- Document in English
- State in the CR+D Collection : ORIGINAL
- Fonds/Collections : Vasulka
- Is part of the series Vasulka : Vidéogrammes et installations

This document contains the following documents :
- [In the land of the elevator girls]. — Photographic Print, b&w.
- Velt, Victor. — [Lettre à Steina & Woody Vasulka], May 28, 1990.
- The ninth annual Daniel Wadsworth memorial video festival, 1990.
- Vasulka, Steina ; Davies, Allan. — In the land of the elevator girls, Fall 1993 [(sic)].
- Callas, Peter. — «In the land of the elevator girls». — Traversals : instructions to the double, 1990.

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- Steina Vasulka
- Woody Vasulka

- Steina Vasulka, In the Land of the Elevator Girls, 1989

- Art AND Video