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Daniel Teruggi (Argentina)

Daniel Teruggi (born in La Plata, 1952) studied composition and piano in Argentina. In 1977 he moved to France and studied at the Paris Conservatory (Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris) in the department of Electroacoustic Composition and Musical Research. In 1998 he obtained a PhD in Art and Technology in the Paris VIII University.

In 1981, Teruggi became member of the INA-GRM where he first was in charge of the pedagogy of digital systems for composers, and then became Artistic Director of the group. Director of the Groupe de Recherches Musicales since 1997, he is actually Research Director in the INA.

He also teaches Sound and Visual Arts at the Paris I Sorbonne University, and is director of a Seminar on new technology at the Paris IV University.

Among other works he composed: "Pingata" for tape in 1979; "Deux Études de Composition for tape in 1980; "Tempo Lontano" for tape in 1982; "Eterea" for tape, and "E cosi via" for piano and tape, both in 1984; "Leo Le Jour" for tape in 1985; "Aquatica" for tape, and "Le Cercle" for flute, clarinet, cello and tape, both in 1986; "Xatys" for saxophones and real time digital processings with Syter in 1987; "Wind Trip" for saxophone, clarinet, French horn, tuba and DX7 in 1988; "Focolaria" and "Terra" for tape in 1989; tape music for "L'Enchanteur Pourrissant" by Guillaume Apollinaire, from "Le Théâtre des Poètes " series, in 1989; "Mano a Mano" for tape, collaboration with Jean Schwarz, in 1991; "Syrcus" for boobams, udu drums, Syter and tape in 1992; "Instants d'Hiver" for tape in 1993; "Saxtenuto" for sax and tape, and "Tempo di Basso" for tenor saxophone, double bass, bassoon and tape, both in 1994; "Gestes de l'Ecrit", produced with the UPIC system, "Tempo Primo", and "Variations Morphologiques", all three works for tape, in 1995; "Summer Band" for bandoneón and tape in 1996; "Fugitives Voix" for recorded sounds on fixed media, and "Reflets Ephemeres" for 16 instruments and recorded sounds on fixed media, both in 1997; "Crystal Mirages" for piano and recorded sounds on fixed media, and "Images Symphoniques" for recorded sounds on fixed media, both in 1998; "The Sshinning Space" for 8 tracks media in 1999, and "Phonic Streams" for piano, percussion and recorded sounds on fixed media, both in 1999; "Struggling" for percussion and recorded sounds on fixed media, and "EST" for sopranino saxophone and recorded sounds on fixed media, both in 2000; "Gira, Gira" for octophonic media in 2001; "Jon-ty" for recorded sounds on fixed media, "Up-IX" for piano and recorded sounds on fixed media, "La voir a Sons" for 5 percussionists, harmony orchestra and electroacoustics, and "Les Baigneuses", electrocoustic music for the film by Viviene Candas, all four pieces in 2002.

The work for tape known as "Sphæra", is a four sections version from 1993 based on the original pieces realized between 1984 and 1989: "Eterea", "Aquatica", "Focolaria" and Terra".

Most of the Teruggi's works involving electroacoustic medias were realized at the GRM studios, but since 2000 he has been composing at his personal studio.

(text updated: October, 2003)

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