Latin American Electroacoustic Music Collection

Hilda Dianda (Argentina)

Hilda Dianda (born in Córdoba, 1925) was also working with electroacoustic medias during the 50's. She composed "Dos Estudios en Oposición" for tape in 1959, while working at the Studio di Fonologia Musicale of RAI (Italian Radio and TV) in Milano. This piece was produced using only electronic sound sources.

In 1964 Dianda composed "A 7" for cello and tape, working at the Electronic Music Lab of San Fernando Valley State College in Northridge, California. The tape part for this mixed composition was produced using the cello as the only sound source, recording Emma Curti on the instrument and later applying electroacoustic techniques to the raw materials. The number 7 on the title comes from the number of sound sources on concert: 3 stereo tape recorders plus the cello performer.

During 1975-1976 Hilda Dianda composed "… Después el silencio …" using electronic sounds and analog techniques at CICMAT in Buenos Aires. And in 1984 she composed at LIPM "Encantamientos", a long work structured in three movements, using the Synclavier digital synthesizer.

(text updated: March, 2004)

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