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Héctor Fiore (Argentina)

Héctor Fiore (born in La Plata, 1953), performer, teacher and composer, specializes in interactive composition. Many of his works involves image projections as well as real time musical performances using computers.

Fiore have been composing for loudspeakers, tape or live electronics and acoustic instruments, and involving live and recorded music with images. For some of his works he tracks movements the performer does on the computer screen to generate images and act over the musical material, while on other pieces, the live music is generated interactively reacting to dance movements, light and shadow, or other acoustic sounds being performed.

Among other pieces, Fiore composed: "Cuatro minutos antes" for tape in 1986; "Tectona" for tape, "el rancho" for oboe, string quartet and tape, and "a bylo to tak...", all three works in 1989; "Puerto rico", "Ciao Bambina", and "Kai generated", all three for computer, and "Las vaquitas son ajenas" for charango, computer and tape, in 1990; "Czarny Kwiat", with R. Black, for interactive double bass and computer in 1993; "Son de uno" for interactive for percussion and computer in 1994; "candombe" and "bolero2b", both for computer, in 1995; "Unbolerito" for wind electronic instrument and computer, and "Drawing Music 1" for computer and digital drawing projection, both in 1996; "Un romance en tiempo de candombe" for computer, and "MWX str" for wind electronic instrument and computer, both in 1997; "Varyasyonlar 1" for wind electronic instrument and computer, "Tan go zando 1 & 2" for wind electronic instrument & ensemble, "Tan go zando 3" for wind electronic instrument and string orchestra, and "Esculturas para tocar" for acoustic guitar, electric guitar and wind controlled synthesizer, all in 1998; "Pinturas para tocar" for electronics, "Hulasa" for live electronics, "Tunes" for instrumental ensemble and computer, "Drawing Music 4" for voice, piano, computer and digital drawing projection, "Czekam na odpowic", text by W. Szymborska, for actress, computer and live electronics, "Electronic songs" for electronic instruments, "Varyasyonlar 2" for wind electronic instrument and computer, "Wiersze na flet", interactive piece for flute and computer, "Son sin marimba", interactive piece for percussion and computer, all nine works in 1999; "Mam bo chce", by Fiore and Prado, for flute, electronic wind instrument and digitizer, "Visual el. songs II" for CD, flute, electronic wind instrument, computer and digital image projection, "Son de luz" for digitizer and electronic wind instrument, "Hombre del río" for processed acoustics instruments and film projection, "Argumentum ex cracoviensi" for CD, "SdU Fragments (el marimbon)" for marimba and electronics, "Drawing Impro" for acoustics instruments, computer and digital drawing projection; "Open Head Impro" for processed open head of a flute and voice, all eight pieces in 2000; "Remixed moments" for loudspeakers and interactive processed noises, "Ga, Gam, Games" for live electronics, flute and percussion, "Kompozycja na flet i komputer" for flute, computer and digitizer, "Procesiòn" for wind controller, computer and percussion, "Accents" for computer controlled by a wind instruments & percussion, "Musica Ritual" for flute, computer, digitized movements & percussion, "Wariacje na Liber tema Tango", by Markova and Fiore, for digitizer, computer and moving performance, and "Songo R" for wind controller computer and percussion, all eight pieces in 2001; "Lux sonoris" for digitizer, computer and dancer performance, "Juego de niños", text by S.Carden, for voice, computer and digitized movements, "Eclosion" for oboe, percussion, piano, double bass, flute and interactive computer system, "Frozen motives" for wind controller and interactive computer system including old friends playing, all four works in 2002.

Fiore lives at present in Poland.

(text updated: October, 2003)

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