Latin American Electroacoustic Music Collection

Luis Mihovilcevic (Argentina)

Luis Mihovilcevic (born 1958) composed, among other works: "Adagio expansivo" for synthesized strings in 1989; "Las obsesiones de Pierre Delval", first obsession for tape only, second obesssion for tape and piano, third obession for tape, cello, soprano and piano, in 1993; "Violeta, Ensueño Alquímico de una Flor silvestre", opera for soprano and tape, between 1993 and 1994; "La Ira de Fassbinder" for tape in 1993; "Síntesis en cuatro sueños" for piano and tape in 1994; "La pequeña lulu" for piano, percussion and synthesizers, "Arcano 72" and "Arcano 82", both for tape, all three pieces in 1995; "Una esquina de la eternidad" for electronic instruments, and "Pérez Molek Austellung mit roth" for tape, both in 1997; "El radar de Tasmania (a Andrei Tarkovski)", version one for tape only, and "Pidamos lo imposible" for tape and actor, both in 1998; "Pour le Piano (Fin de siglo )", for digital piano controlled by a computer sequence, and "Scatt" for tape, both in 1999; "Mayo" for tape, "Coyoacan", versions for tape only, tape and piano, tape and vibraphone, "La Gran Lalula", musical theatre with tape, actors and live intruments, and "La Máquina surrealista" for electronic instruments, all four works in 2000, "BIG BANG" for tape in 2001; "Verano Argentino" for tape between 2001 and 2002; "Las Jornadas de diciembre" for tape, between 2001 and 2003.

(text updated: October, 2003)

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