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Mario Marcelo Mary (Argentina)

Mario Mary (born in Buenos Aires, 1961) graduated in composition at National University of La Plata, Argentina. Since 1992 he continued his studies in Paris at GRM, the Music Conservatory of Paris, IRCAM and the University of Paris VIII, from which he received his doctoral degree in Aesthetic, Science and Technology of Arts.

While working at IRCAM in 1995 he realized the "AudioSculpt Cross-Synthesis Handbook".

His music has been distinguished with first prizes in several international competitions of electroacoustic music, as for example: Luigi Russolo, Italy, 1994; Pierre Schaeffer, France, 1998; TRIME, Argentina, 1998 and 2001, Musica Nova, Czech Republic, 2002; and Bourges 2003.

Mario Mary composed, among other works: "Doble Mensaje" in 1989, and "Endorfina" in 1990, both pieces for tape; "Cohesión" for French horn, violin, double bass and tape in 1991; "De l'autre côté du silence" for tape, realized at the Music Conservatory of Paris in 1993; "Timbres partiels" for flutes, clarinets, cellos, percussion and live electronics, realized at IRCAM in 1994; "Noch dazu" for guitar and computer, realized at Elac, Austria, in 1995; "Portraits témoins" for 8 channels tape, in 1997, commissioned by GRM; "Objets croisés II" for cello and tape in 1998; "Aarhus" for violin and tape, realized at DIEM, Denmark, in 2000; "La corde cachée" for guitar and tape, realized at Paris VIII University in 2003; and "Signes émergents", electroacoustic piece on 8 tracks, commissioned by GRM. This last piece has two parts, "Haulie", composed in 2002, and "Bouge, bouge!", from 2003, that could be also played as independent works.

Since 1996 Mario Mary is teaching Sound Synthesis and DSP at Paris VIII University. He also started an annual Computer Music Concert Series in Paris in 1998.

(text updated: October, 2003)

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