Latin American Electroacoustic Music Collection

José Halac (Argentina)

José Halac (born in Córdoba, 1962) composed, among other works: "Invocándote" for voice, electric guitar, electric bass, synthesizers and drums, in 1986; "Ritos Metálicos" for voices and tape in 1987; "India vieja que pretende volverse joven chupando sangre de condor", and "Ritos Metálicos 3" for soprano, flutes, percussion and tape, both in 1990; "India vieja, sincretismo #1" for tape, realized at Brooklyn College - Center for Computer Music, and "Aplastamiento de las Gotas" for prepared piano and computer generated tape, both in 1991; "Uitotos, sincretismo #2" for string quartet and computer generated tape, "Maturity, sincretismo #3" for voice, electric viola, trombone, percussion and tape, "Cafe Angel" for voice and tape, and "Maturity, sincretismo #3" for voice, trombone, electric viola, drums, Jamaican flute, tape and synthesizers, all four pieces in 1992; "Ball, sincretismo #4" for trombone and tape in 1993; "Entrepieles" for alto/soprano sax, piano, cello, flute, clarinet, percussion and interactive computer systems in 1994; "Todo lo que amaron nuestros ojos" for tape in 1996; and "The Breaking of the Scream" for CD in 1999.

About his piece "The Breaking of the Scream" Halac wrote: "… was composed based on a poem by Argentine poet Pablo Anadón, and a baguala, a traditional folk song from the NorthWest area of Argentina. The poem, originally in Spanish, is titled "Seasons of the Tree" and is centered around the idea of the departure of the loved one and the painful remains of the sentiments no longer recognized. The baguala describes the sexual desire of a man that calls himself an "old tiger". These two sources merge in the piece with screams, the composer's voice singing and reciting the poem and the digital manipulation of all the material."

Halac lives today sharing his time between New York and his natal land, Córdoba.

(text updated: March, 2004)

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