Latin American Electroacoustic Music Collection

José Mataloni (Argentina)

José Mataloni (born in Córdoba, 1965) composed among other works: "Ya nunca más me verás como me vieras" in 1996; "Continentalia", electroacoustic, in 1999; "Tiempo Dos", electroacoustic-sound art, "Piazzollage", sound art - electroacoustic tango, and "Primera carta", all three in 2000; "Tausend Ja Tango", electroacoustic tango - sound art, "Ensoñación Porteña", electroacoustic tango - sound art, "Sonidos Lejanos", electroacoustic-sound art, and "Portalis", sound-art, all four pieces in 2001; "Magma", electroacoustic, "Navidad del Agua", electroacoustic, "El Sueño del Gallo", sound art, "Monstruo Mecánico", electroacoustic-sound art, "Paz!", electroacoustic-sound art, and "Die Arcana (Tarot I)", hörspiel, all six works in 2002; "Vida Mía Remix", electroacoustic tango - sound art, in 2003.

Mataloni organized several contemporary music encounters, as the Cycles of Experimental Music I-IV and the Competition-Forum for Electroacoustic Music I-IV (1998-2001). He lives at present in Germany.

(text updated: October, 2003)

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