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Rolando Cori Traverso (Chile)

Rolando Cori Traverso (born in Santiago, 1954) composed his first piece using electroacoustic medias, "Trozo experimental" for flute, guitar and tape, in 1981, while he was at the Experimental Music course studying with Juan Amenabar.

In 1989 Cori composed "Fiesta", for tape, at Musikhochschule Freiburg's Lab in Germany, while studying with Mesías Maiguascha. On this piece he worked with concrète sounds, a multi-track tape recorder and analog manipulation techniques. Sounds for this piece comes from Freiburg's carnival, Gregorian chant, traditional Chilean singing and guitar sounds.

He composed "Variaciones sobre el himno de la Universidad de Chile" for trumpets, piano, percussion and ad libitum tape (with recorded loops from a choral and orchestra version of the university anthem) in Chile during 1994.

"Bailecitos" for voice, guitar, tape and projected images, was composed by Cori in 1999 working at his home music studio with samples passed through filters controlled by a Sample & Hold (random) algorithm on a Kurzweil K2000. He was then at Chapel Hill in North Carolina, United States.

At present Cori is living in Santiago, Chile, and teaching electronic music composition in the University of Chile at GEMA (Gabinete Electroacústico para la Música de Arte), electroacoustic music lab founded by Amenabar around 1991.

(text updated: October, 2003)

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