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Sergio Barroso (Cuba)

Sergio Barroso (born in Havana, 1946) works extensively with electroacoustic medias in his music. Some of his works are: "Concierto para dos pianos, percusión y publico" for two pianos, one of them on tape, 3 percussions and audience, from 1969; "Yantra III" for guitar and tape from 1972; "Yantra IV" for flute and tape from 1975; "Noema II" for tenor, violin, double bass, guitar, piano and tape, from 1975 too; "Yantra VI" for piano and tape from 1976-1979; "Yantra IX" for saxophones (soprano and alto) and tape, from 1979; "Yantra X" for bassoon and tape from 1982; "En febrero Mueren Las Flores" for violin and tape from 1987; "Soledad", a tape piece also from 1987; "Canzona" for DX7II(E!), TX802 digital synthesizers and tape from 1988; "La Fiesta" for keyboard controlled synthesizers and tape from 1989; "Tablao" for guitar and tape or tape only, from 1990; also from the same year is "La Fiesta Grande", a piece for orchestra and solo keyboard controlled synthesizers; "Crónicas de Ultrasueño", for oboe and keyboard controlled synthesizers, and "Sonatada", for keyboard controlled synthesizers, from 1992; "Charangas Delirantes", for keyboard controlled synthesizers and tape, "Viejas Voces", for viola and tape, and "Jitanjáfora" for violin solo, orchestra and keyboard controlled sampler, all from 1993; "Concerto for viola and orchestra" for solo viola, orchestra and keyboard controlled sampler from 1995-1996.

Barroso use to perform using live electronics and tours Europe and the Americas. He lives at present in Vancouver, Canada.

(text updated: October, 2003)

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