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Ileana Pérez Velazquez (Cuba)

Ileana Pérez Velazquez (born in Cienfuegos, 1964) is at present Assistant Professor of Composition, Music Technology and Music Theory at the Music Department of Williams College, Massachusets, United States. She is a graduate of music composition and piano from the Instituto Superior de Artes (ISA), Havana, Cuba. Perez earned her Master's degree in Electroacoustic Music from Dartmouth College and a Doctoral degree in Music Composition at Indiana University, Bloomington, both in the United States.

Some of her electroacoustic music compositions are: "Natura" for soprano and tape in 1990; "La Voz interior" and "Crisálida, both for tape, in 1991; "Realidades alternas", multimedia for tape, video, dance and photograph, in 1992; "Yoruba" for tape, "Conversations" for bass clarinet, saxophones, bassoon and tape, and "Celia" for tape, all three in 1994; "Caxionics" for saxophone, electronics and CD-ROM, collaboration with Neil Leonard III, and "Piedras" for chorus and tape, both in 1995; "Crystals" for soprano and tape, and "Un ser con unas alas enormes" for violin and tape, both in 1996; "Cuando la inocencia retorna en forma de poesia" for piano and tape, and "Entre azul y transparencia" for soprano and tape, both in 1997.

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