Latin American Electroacoustic Music Collection

Sergio Cervetti (Uruguay)

Sergio Cervetti (born in Dolores, 1940) moved to the United States in 1962, spent some time in Europe a few years later and since 1970 lives in New York, where he composed his electronic music works.

Cervetti composed several pieces using electroacoustic medias: "Studies in Silence", a taped version of modified piano and voices in 1968; "Oulom" for tape, in 1970; "Grafitti" for orchestra, spoken choir and tape in 1971; "Raga III" for tape, in 1971; "Bits & pieces and Moving Parts" for tape in 1977; all tapes produced at Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center. Then he composed "El río de los pájaros pintados" for bandoneón and tape, and "Stella Vindemiatrix", produced using a Synclavier synthesizer, both in 1979, and "Something Borrowed, Something Blue..." for tape between 1979 and 1980, all three tapes realized at the University of Victoria Electronic Studio, in British Columbia, Canada. Since then Cervetti produced his compositons with electroacoustic medias working at his personal studio; some of them are: "Diminished Landscape" from 1984; "The Hay Wain" ("El Carro de Heno) for tape from 1987, used by Oliver Stone in his 1994 film "Natural Born Killers", and "Transatlantic Light" also from 1987; "Inez de Castro", ballet music from 1988; "Inventory" from 1990; "Pornography", music for the film by Tom D'Iesso, "Rift" and "Fields of Grace" from 1991; "Quest" for tape from 1993; "The Guardians" for tape and "Alignements" both from 2001.

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