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Felipe Otondo Ruiz (Chile)

Felipe Otondo Ruiz (born in Santiago, 1972) studied music, acoustics, psychoacoustics, and acoustical engineering in Chile and Denmark.

Has done mostly electroacoustic music for tape, live-electronics and has composed works for dance and theatre as well. Otondo has composed: "JOJO" for tape in 1998, inspired in the play "JOJO" by Michael Ende and realized at the Austral University in Chile; "Birds in a Cage full of silence", also for tape, in 1999, realized at Aalborg University, Denmark; "Guitar ex Machina" for electro-acoustic guitar and 4 channel tape or vice versa in 2000, realized at The Carl Nielsen Academy of Music, Denmark; "Impermanences I" for solo cello and computer in 2001, also realized at The Carl Nielsen Academy of Music; "Constellations", realized at The Technical University of Denmark, and “Found objects”, both for tape, in 2003; “Ma” for clarinet and live-electronics, and “Zapping Zappa” for tape, both in 2004; “glob” and “Clangor”, both for tape, and “Fluctu” for solo percussion and tape, all three in 2006; and “Showtime!” for tape, realized at the University of York, and “O Reche Modo 1”, music-theatre piece using movement sensors and live improvisation, with circus artist Mikkel Stael Nannberg, original texts by Antonin Artaud and video clip by Marc Ainger, both pieces in 2007.

He was Research assistant at Acoustic Technology, Ørsted-DTU (Technical University of Denmark), as part of the European Comission project MOSART (Music Orchestration Systems in Algorithmic Research and Technology), and has also been working as Research Assistant in the same institution as part of the European Comission project DOREMI (Directionally Optimised Representation of Musical Instruments).

(text updated: January, 2008)

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