Latin American Electroacoustic Music Collection

Dante Cucurullo (Dominican Republic)

Dante Cucurullo (born in San Juan de la Maguana, 1957) have been composing with electroacoustic medias for many years. Among other pieces he composed a cycle of 7 electroacoustic "interrogantes", a cycle of "Afirmaciones" where electronic, concrète and instrumenal sources are mixed; the two-part electroacoustic work "Millennium Hope"; and "El Encantador de Aguas" for tenor sax and synthesizer (on tape or CD) from 2000.

"interrogante #5" was premiered in 1985 during the II Festival Internacional de Música Electroacústica (International Festival of Electroacoustic Music) held in Varadero, Cuba. And "interrogante #7", based on sounds of human snores, was premiered in 1986 during one of the Cursos Latinoamericanos de Música Contemporánea (Latin American Workshops of Contemporary Music) held that year in Uruguay. "Millennium Hope" was presented at the electrocoustic music festival "Synthèse 99" in Bourges, France.

(text updated: March, 2003)

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