Latin American Electroacoustic Music Collection

Calixto Alvarez (Cuba)

Calixto Alvarez (born in Santa Isabel de las Lajas, 1938) composed among other works: "Música en cinta" for tape in 1971; "Canon I" for piano and tape in 1978; "Canon II" for piano and tape in 1979; "Música pop", also for piano and tape, in 1982; "Fuenteovejuna" for chamber orchestra and tape in 1983; "Venus & Adonis", opera for 2 sopranos, 2 tenors and electroacoustic instruments, based in texts by William Shakespeare, in 1988; Ciclos en la vía" for tape in 1993; "El Barbero de Sevilla" for flute, clarinet and tape, and "Julio César" for tape, in 1996.

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