Latin American Electroacoustic Music Collection

Jose Miguel Candela (Chile)

Jose Miguel Candela (1968) graduated from the University of Chile in 1994. He studied with professor Gustavo Becerra-Schmidt, whom he considers his mentor. He has also done advanced work with composers such as Cirilo Vila, Henry Wolking and Samuel Adler. He teaches in several chilean educational institutions ( University of Chile, Arsis, University Vicente Perez Rosales, Escuela SCD, etc.) He has composed works for films, theatre and specially for dance ( Chilean National Ballet, Dance Company La Vitrina, etc.) He has also composed concerrt music, especially electroacoustic pieces. In 2000 he was awarded a scholarship by the Andes Foundation to compose " four symphonic mouvements of indigenistic nature". One of them, "Machaq Mara" ( dedicated to the aymara civilization) was played by the Symphonic Orchestra of Chile. He has recently been awarded a scholarship by the UNESCO-ASCHBERG institution to spent two months at the Virginia Center for Creative Arts, USA. He is coordinator of the Electroacustic Community of Chile (CECh). His music has been played in Chile, the Americas and Europe.

Other works composed by Candela are Candela: "Multicolor II" for string quintet, flute, oboe, bassoon, two synthesizers and drums in 1992; "El Pentágono" for string quartet and synthesizer in 1993; "Azul" for two pianos with live electronic processings in 1995; "Chacabuco", electronic music for dance in 1996; "Hombres en Círculo Durante el Hechizo del Tiempo" for eight strings with electronic interventions (for dance) in 1999; "La Variante", electronic piece, realized at CMT - Music and Technology Center (Centro de Música y Tecnología) of Chilean Society of Author's Rights (Sociedad Chilena del Derecho de Autor), also in 1999; "Bajan Gritando Ellos", electroacoustic piece, in 2000, "Cuartetos de cuerda y electroacústica para danza" ("String quartet and electroacoustics for dance"), and "Ciclo Dj: Dj1, Dj2, Dj3, Dj4", from 2000-2001.

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