Latin American Electroacoustic Music Collection

Wilson Sukorski, Mecânica Popular, 1998

Recording time: 7 min 11 s.
Instruments: Electronic version (from the original for soprano and electronics)

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About this composition:

This is one of the first works I composed using Csound, the software synthesis package developed at MIT by Barry Vercoe, based on the traditional MUSIC programs of the early 60'.

Popular Mechanics uses basically concrete sounds of scratched metals - transformed with the phase vocoder and granular algorithms; voices processed with granular synthesis; and long notes rendered with additive synthesis.

The form develops the potential of the base material, and it is poetically based on the "hermetic garage" comics of Mr. Möebius. This piece may also be performed with live electronics, primitive Brazilian percussion and a singer.

My intention here was to create the impression of a young lady in her window's home located in a popular italian village of São Paulo (known as "Brás"), singing stranges 'tarantelle' looking at the landscapes created by Mr. Möebius.

The work in complete form was premiered at "SESC Vila Mariana" theatre in São Paulo, in march 1998.

- - -

One of my first compositions using the software sound rendering Csound. Here you have only the electronic version of the piece. Composed for soprano and electronics, the music is based in the cartoons of Mr Moebius - mainly "The hermetic garage of Lewis Carnelian". In the music the soprano represents an italian girl singing strange "tarantelle" in Brás in front of the world created by Moebius.