Latin American Electroacoustic Music Collection

Jônatas Manzolli, Objetos Afetos, 2001

Recording time: 8 min 10 s.
Instruments: For tape and poem

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Acerca de la obra:

Trilogy Brazilian Soundscapes

Since 1999, Jônatas Manzolli has been invited to compose and produce the overture of the International Folklore Festival in Olímpia, SP. This event is hold by the International CIOFF-Unesco Organization and every year there is a large public attending the opening, around nine thousand people (9,000). Given this environment the compositional idea was to create large-scale pieces structured to multimedia performances. In 1999, "Etnias" for chamber orchestra, chorus, dance and images was the first piece, it was followed by "Objetos Afetos" for poem, dance and images and "Caminhantes" for dance, images, 04 French horns and percussion. After the large-scale multimedia performance, the composer reviewed these three compositions in version for Tape solo.

Objetos Afetos, tape solo version (2001)

Objetos Afetos (Portuguese for Affection Objects) is based on the concept that people develop a symbolic and affective link with objects made by their hands. The basic material used to compose this piece is a poem wrote by the author describing objects and structures create by art-crafters. Around the voice there is a group of pitched sounds coloring the speech. This dialogue between voice and pitches introduces complex sound environments that are a sound description of several objects and feelings.