Latin American Electroacoustic Music Collection

alcides lanza, strobo I (1967-V) [tape part only], 1967

Recording time: 10 min 47 s.
Instruments: For double bass, miscelaneous percussion and tape
Recorded at: Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center. New York, United States.

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About this composition:

strobo I [1967-V], for double bass, miscellaneous percussion instruments and tape. this composition was commissioned by the celebrated contrabass player Bertram Turetzky. the tape part was created at the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center, NYC. with a graphic score that utilizes five different colors, this piece is one of the first pieces of 'theatre musicale' realized by alcides lanza. a performance of this piece will also have a synchronized color lights display, and requires paraphernalia like strobe lights or rotating lights from a police patrol car, for example. the dramatis personae ideated by the composer [the double bass player] places a very old instrument [the double bass] and its performer inside a highly stylized cage. the imprisoned performer - both the music and the instrument as prisoners - strives to become free. strobo I has a false ending which includes audience participation. the piece was written for Mr. Turetzky and is dedicated to him. he premiered the composition at the Cleveland Institute of Music, Kulas Hall, on May 12, 1968.
Published by: SHELAN Publications, eSp 8319.